About Us


The European Network for Workplace Information (ENWI) emphases research on workplace information use and on how this affects well being. Network members (from academia and enterprise search) aim to facilitate development of information milieus, which increase work satisfaction and enable new ways of working. Information and media overload are ever-expanding phenomenon with both positive and negative consequences.

On the positive side is the access to information and knowledge over time and space. However, the negative consequences such as stress of facing the vast amount of information, may indeed lead to ineffective decision making and difficulties to find relevant information. In addition, the boundaries between work and private life become vague due to constantly processing work related information. This forms the research focus of the network.

Main objectives

- Enable interaction among academic institutions and other organisations
- Generate interdisciplinary research projects
- Share knowledge
- Develop theories and methodologies through research in real-life workplaces.
- Collaborate with business organisations
- Disseminate information and knowledge about the network
- Publish joint articles
- Arrange workshops and seminars
- Facilitate contacts


ENWI members co-operate in different projects and through theĀ FORTE network a joint organisation of research efforts is now possible. The network aims to offer opportunities for planning and consolidate projects and to share information, experiences and knowledge. This by creating a digital meeting area and host annual meetings.