ENWI Meeting 2013

Elite Hotel Savoy

Norra vallgatan 62, 211 22 Malmö, Sweden

Workshop aims

  • Get to know each other and our different areas of expertise
  • Share expertise regarding workplace information
  • Facilitate ENWI collaboration: planning research, stimulate joint papers
    and joint grant applications – national and international.
  • Work on: terminology and taxonomy, methodology road-map,
    outlining research agenda and objectives and prepare joint applications.

Workshop Themes 2013

Interactive information seeking & searching in workplaces

The main goal is to identify research problems within the field of information practices in workplaces. A century ago, resources fueled the economy, whereas today it is typically about the use and manipulation of information and knowledge. How is knowledge work done? How is information used within knowledge work, and how does information flow and evolve within workplace activities? How do we naturally integrate findability into workplace processes? How does context change the questions?

  1. Create common ground for addressing research within this area. We will be working toward standardizing how we define and use the terminology around information behavior, information practices, information seeking, information search and retrieval, social information, information sources, task-based information retrieval, [tacit] information/knowledge sharing and searching, the notion of work task and scenarios, information culture, information flow and collaboration or context used with any of the above terminology.
  2. Establishing a research agenda to identify the core areas in which research is imperative. If we considered success as being able to provide “the right information at the point of decision-making” then our job is done. How do we get there? What do we need to achieve? Part of this will be building workplace model[s] in which people are merely actors. Can we hypothesize such a model that may be tested in future research? Can we identify the core requirements that technology must support?

Work place information activities are studied using a variety of methodologies. At the workshop we would like to create an overview and catalog of methodologies, identify methods to be developed, inspire how to study work place related information activities and specific ENWI studies and projects